Ars Mag

Ars Mag is a French fanzine dedicated to Ars Magica.

23 issues have already been published.

Unlike most french role-playing zines, Ars Mag is above all a zine made by its readers. Properly speaking, there is no editorial staff. I juggle with the layout, the printing and the selling, but there is no staff to help me in these works or to write the articles.

The content is first constituted of readers contributions.

So, if you have written a scenario, house rules or anything else for Ars Magica, and if you like to see it published, don't hesitate to send it to me. I'm also looking for original illustrations (the drawings are returned after publication).

Contributors receive the issue containing their article(s) or illustration(s) for free.

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Content of  previous issues (in French).

I also publish a zine in English for Ars Magica: Hermes' Portal.

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The illustration on the left was realized by Radja Sauperamaniane and published in issue 15 of Ars Mag.